Kevin India Co is a big name that deals in the manufacturing and supplying of premium-grade Reactive Dyes that are added with a group of atoms known as chromophore which contain substituents that enhances the reaction with the substrate to make bonds with various types of fabrics which result in excellent color and light fastness properties. These are highly suitable for cellulose fibers and can be easily applied to wool and nylon. Reactive Dyes show good solubility in water and give brighter color shades. Buy from us these top-grade covalently bond coloring agents in large quantities within sealed packages at a reasonable and low price range. 
Acid Dyes are water-soluble textile colors that are commonly used in textile applications to impart colors to the substrates such as nylon, wool, and silk by making ionic bonds. These anionic coloring agents are usually applied from the acidic bath. The fast striking rate of these dyes makes them capable to make quick bonds with fibers. Acid Dyes are usually applied to the textile having a low pH such as wool. These can also be used as a food colorant and for the staining of organelles in the medical field. The offered industrial dyes are available in various colors such as orange, brown, black, green, yellow, and many more. 
We are a renowned manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of premium-grade Solvent that belongs to the class of metal complexes and are commonly used in solvent dyeing applications. There are many different types of such colorants availed by us in various shades and physical forms according to customer demands and application areas. They are in high demand among our customers due to their reactivity and zero toxicity. Solvent offered by our company can be delivered to our customers as per their demands within different sizes sealed packages at a low price with an assurance of fast and safe delivery. 

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