Buy from us premium quality Inorganic Pigment compounds that are available in powdered form with high purity of up to 98 percent. These coloring agents are free from carbon atoms. They are commonly used in wide range of industrial applications such as manufacturing of paints, coloring of plastic products, textile, ceramic, and many more. These mineral-based compounds are in high demand due to their excellent chemical stability, lightfastness, and durability that make them popular for applications that require long-lasting and high-performance color. The offered Inorganic Pigment chemicals can be delivered to our clients in various shades as per their demands. 
High Performance Pigments are premium-grade textile colorants that are in high demand due to their excellent persistency and capability to impart colors on various fabrics. They are made up of top-quality chemical ingredients that are suitable for polymeric films, fabrics, and papers. They are free from harsh chemicals that make them user and environment-friendly. High Performance Pigments manufactured by us show excellent resistance to heat, water, humidity, light, organic solvents, and detergents. These coloring products can also be used in plastic industries to add colors. Customers can get these industrial products from us in large quantities at a reasonable and low price range. 
We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of premium-grade Phthlo Pigments that belong to the class of green and blue synthetic organic pigments that impart colors by the reaction of phthalic, copper, urea, and ammonia. These textile colors are highly demanding among our customers due to their reliable lightfastness properties and high staining. These green and blue color dyes are available in various shades as per their coloring ratios. Phthlo Pigments manufactured and supplied by us by our company can also be used for the production of artist paints, paper printing inks, and toothpaste colorants. 

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